“Embrace the future, while sustaining our core -- a great place to live and raise kids, with outstanding schools and services.”

We face some critical choices.

Palo Alto is a great place to live and raise families; but housing, traffic, parking, and preserving our services and retail have become serious challenges.  We have both infrastructure and community investments ahead, yet at the same time we face long-term fiscal tightening caused by the Bay Area’s steadily escalating costs and our own growing unfunded liabilities.  We must plan and execute very carefully over the next few years.

We’ll need City Hall’s best and soundest work, especially as the Council shrinks from nine to seven next year.


  • Address our Housing, Traffic, and Parking issues. The economic engine of Silicon Valley produces new jobs five times faster than new dwellings, which puts enormous pressure on local housing, transportation and infrastructure.  To make meaningful progress, we need thoughtful, balanced, realistic, long-range solutions, that don’t rely on speculative or excessively optimistic assumptions.  >>See More

  • Invest in our Community.  The City has been “catching up” on essential infrastructure projects dating back even pre-Recession, such as repairing our streets, storm drains, and public-safety facilities.  At the same time, basic livability concerns such as traffic and our cost of living have continued to worsen.  It is time for more investments in our Community as well:  in both physical assets like the "AT+T Acre" to expand Boulware Park, and in people and businesses who need to be a part of the community.  >>See More

  • Secure our Finances — we have no money to waste.  Our City finances touch nearly everything we want to achieve.  Yet the City is now entering into a period of long-term fiscal squeeze, brought on by the tandem combination of the Bay Area’s escalating cost structure (especially construction and land costs), and the ominous upscaling of our long-term pension and retiree health liabilities.  Ensuring our fiscal integrity while simultaneously investing for our future will require great skill and balance.  >>See More

  • City Government must do its very best work for residents.  Tackling any of these challenges by itself would not be easy; navigating all three at once will demand extremely precise work by City government.  >>See More


Focus on real local issues. I've been an active, not passive, council member focused on real and often difficult local concerns and problems that directly affect our community, not ‘feel good’ posturing on issues beyond the reach of our local government. I welcome and am up for these challenges, and I ask for the privilege of working for you on them for another four years.