Invest in our Community

We need to invest in our Community.  The City has been playing “catch up” on essential infrastructure projects dating back even pre-Recession, such as repairing our streets, storm drains, and public-safety facilities.  At the same time, basic livability concerns such as traffic and our cost of living have continued to worsen.  It is time for more investments in our Community as well, including people and businesses who need to be a part of the Community.

  • Complete the Infrastructure Plan, including the new Public Safety building and 911 Communications Center.

  • Fund the Parks and Recreation Master Plan. Expand Boulware Park by acquiring the acre next to it.

  • Save the Animal Shelter: a healthy city takes care of its animals.

  • Support our community-serving retail and service businesses.  Where resources are contested, manage and prioritize; employee parking, for example.

  • To the greatest extent practical, prioritize City housing efforts towards helping people who serve our community also live in it.  Recognize that this inherently means spending money.

  • Support the county Teacher Housing proposal, so more PAUSD employees can actually live here in Palo Alto, instead of commuting in from distant towns.